Dr. Rachel Fish

Scholar Warrior


Zionism and Liberalism Can Remain Strong Bedfellows

As the left-of-center political camp has transposed an American racial lens onto the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it has also manipulated the language of human rights to bludgeon Israel.

‘Should Israel exist?’ Should not be the question

Tactics once used to ask provocative questions like “Just how far should Israel go” in any conflict, they are now being used to ask, “Why in the world is Israel here?” 

Demanding Answers from God – and Ourselves – In Gaza

In our time, Israel has both the ability and the moral obligation to protect citizens. So how do we reconcile that duty with the harm brought on another population?

For students and scholars, words matter. That’s why this is so appalling

It’s appalling to see so many college students, faculty members and administrators deliberately diminish the intent and motivation behind the words of Hamas and its supporters.

Shocked by the Jew-Hate on College Campuses? I Wasn’t.

The antisemitism on display at dozens of elite universities may come as a shock to many. But it does not surprise me.

Things We Would Like to See Palestine Free From

From American college campuses to the streets of London, protesters can be heard chanting, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The phrase suggests the destruction of Israel and its people between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea. As Jews and Zionists, those words are horrifying. But this does not mean we wish to see the Palestinian people denied the fruits of freedom.

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